PLiM is a precision engineered all metal iPad stylus that allows fluid movement and gesturing for sketching. PLiM is available NOW

PLiM iPad stylus

Why create yet another stylus?

My daughter is studying fine art at A Level in the UK and uses her iPad to record ideas and sketches. After trying a few different types of stylus it was clear that nothing available suited her fluid drawing style. I decided to create a stylus that met all of her requirements.

PLiM iPad stylus


  1. All metal construction for durability (teenager)
  2. Precision engineered 0.05mm for accuracy
  3. Extra long handle for use with hand on desk
  4. Etched and anodised solid aluminium shaft for a solid feel
  5. Removable o'rings for grip and styling
  6. Rotating tip can be used with a ruler
  7. Angled tip to allow use with stylus horizontal to the iPad screen
  8. Works without additional pressure from the user for shading
  9. 6mm diameter permanent stainless steel tip
  10. Tip protectors provided to avoid marking screen protectors
  11. Looks cool and feels good in the hand
  12. Washable: just in case you drop it
  13. UK machined shaft and tip assembly
  14. Telescopic transparent plastic case
  15. Assembled by hand at home
  16. Affordable
  17. Can be used for writing due to the fluid movement of the tip
  18. Very light at 13.5 grams


The PLiM in action




  • 1 x18ga barbell eyebrow piercing (one 3mm ball removed)
  • 1 x 6mm diameter 130mm long solid aluminium rod
  • 6 x o-rings in red or black
  • 1 x 6mm stainless tip base (+/- 0.05mm)
  • 1 x 6mm stainless tip cap (+/- 0.05mm)
  • 5 x glass cloth 6mm discs (4 spares)
  • 1 x transparent clear plastic case
  • A lot of patience


Getting it together

  • Remove both ends of barbell and threadlock one end back on
  • Snap tip foot and cap over remaining ball using watch back press
  • Bend 18ga piercing shaft to approx 90 degrees
  • Roll o-rings onto shaft and locate in machined grooves
  • Screw assembled tip into pen shaft and threadloc
  • Polish tip face with 3000 and 5000 grit
  • Wash and dry tip
  • Apply glass cloth disc to tip face
  • Package individually with spare o-rings and tip protectors
  • The above method is the most efficient for home assembly; all units are tested on my iPad and iPhone to ensure fluid movement.


The Journey

The first prototypes were created in one corner of my garage using fairly crude tools including hacksaws and wire cutters; the production versions are precision engineered on 6m long lathes turning the shaft and tiny stainless tip components. It is really satisfying to see an idea come to fruition especially when all development work is (literally) carried out in house.

PLiM iPad stylus


Over 30 changes were made to the original design taking into account function, aesthetics, materials, mass, component manufacture, ergonomics and cost.

Sourcing materials and components is always a lengthy process especially for small batch production. The key to the affordability of the PLiM relies on the use of the stainless steel eyebrow piercing in the stylus tip; this was stumbled on by accident when watching TV. The use of nitrile (black) and silicone (red) o-rings for the grip also avoids over engineering the solution.


PLiM iPad stylus

Screen Protection

One dilemma remained; how to protect the the iPad touchscreen. All of the PLiM tips are hand polished and cleaned; but after reading huge amounts of feed back for other flat faced stylus I came to the conclusion that the only way to remove the risk would be to design the tip to work on a touch screen with a screen protector fitted at all times. As the whole stylus is constructed of metal it has no problem registering on a touch screen even with a screen protector fitted. The glass cloth tip protectors are to reduce marking of the screen protector to an absolute minimum and they do a really good job of this. They also allow the tip to glide on the screen protector by reducing friction.


Early Kickstarter backers will get a free laser cut hand buffed 3mm statinless steel keyring.

PLiM Keyring

NOTE: The PLiM stylus should always be used on devices with a screen protector fitted at all times.



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Last Updated 16th November 2013